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As a dentist who is residency trained to treat patients with special needs and/or complex medical conditions, Dr. Chu can help your patients receive the expert and compassionate care they deserve. We know that referring doctors are dedicated to helping make the best care decisions for their patients. You can count on our experience and feel confident entrusting your patients to us.

Patients planning major life-saving medical procedures such as heart surgery, cancer treatment or transplant surgery are understandably anxious to begin treatment as soon as possible. Your request for dental assessment and treatment will be given top priority. While assessment and treatment might require multiple visits over a period of months in a traditional setting, we offer an opportunity for these patients to have the treatment they need in fewer visits, preparing them to move safely forward with urgently needed medical care.

A variety of factors can negatively impact the oral health of patients with special needs such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and Fragile X, making regular care even more important. Only five percent of the nation’s dentists have the additional training needed to provide appropriate care for the growing population of patients with special needs who cannot receive treatment in a conventional dental setting. Therefore, access to quality dentistry is very limited for these individuals. Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care to these patients.

Managed Anesthesia Care

Managed anesthesia care is available for patients who need this specialized service. We work with qualified anesthesiologists to provide the safest and most comfortable care for your patients.