Did you know that our doctors are willing to travel to other dental offices and deliver sedation or oral services? We proudly offer on-site surgical treatments, and it’s a winning situation for both dental professionals and patients. As a relationship-based dental practice, we promise the best care available, exceptional patient service, value, and convenience.

Dental Procedures We Perform

Count on our team to perform the following dental surgeries:

What Are the Benefits?

Most dentists in Texas choose to limit their practices to certain phases. This means they will need to refer patients to other locations for surgery. La Cantera Dental Group’s on-site surgical services prevent this from happening, as our team will perform the necessary treatment at that location.

Patients are more comfortable when they receive treatment in a familiar location. As a result, they will follow through with treatment much better than if they were referred out.

How We Care for Patients

La Cantera Dental Group strives to take care of you with the same level of care and compassion that your dentist provides. Once they schedule your surgery, we will provide a consultation to explain the procedure, anesthesia, and home care instructions. We also offer IV sedation for your comfort. You and your dentist will receive a personal follow-up within 24 hours after your procedure to ensure that you’re healing properly.

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Thank you for trusting our practice to provide dental surgical care. We’d love to answer all your questions and give you the comprehensive care you need in a comfortable setting. Call La Cantera Dental Group today to find out how to get started!

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