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Dental extractions become necessary when a tooth becomes impacted or damaged beyond repair. At La Cantera Dental Group, we do everything that we can to preserve your natural teeth. However, we can perform extractions to protect the rest of your teeth and mouth if that one tooth is causing too many problems.

Types of Dental Extractions

Not all extractions are the same! Certain situations can determine whether you need a simple or surgical dental extraction.  Here is the difference between the two:

Simple extraction – the dentist removes what’s visible above the gum line with an elevator and forceps.

Surgical extraction – the dentist will cut into the gum line to remove the tooth and what’s underneath.

Why Do People Need Their Teeth Pulled?

Several factors can cause the need for a tooth extraction. We may recommend this surgery if you are suffering from any of the following concerns:

Recovering from a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction recovery should take a few days. To ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, follow these quick tips:

  • Rest for the first 24 hours after the surgery
  • Reduce swelling by applying an ice pack over the affected area
  • Don’t drink through a straw for the first 24 hours after the surgery
  • Eat soft foods during your recovery period
  • Avoid the extraction site when brushing and flossing

Want to Learn More About Dental Extractions?

If you have a dental concern that may require a tooth extraction, we’re more than happy to assist. Contact La Cantera Dental Group if you have any questions or to learn more about extractions at our offices! We have one location on La Cantera Pkwy and another at the Park Oaks Center.

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