Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation

We offer patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety oral conscious sedation to help them get through their treatment with ease. It’s an easy and effective way to make appointments at La Cantera Dental Group more bearable.

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

This sedation method involves taking a pill about an hour before your treatment. It’s typically a benzodiazepine, which helps treat anxiety. Once the effects of the drug begin, you should feel relaxed and drowsy but not completely unconscious. This allows you to interact with the dentist and respond to any questions or requests.

Some patients choose to use nitrous sedation along with the oral pill to reach their desired effect.

What are the Benefits?

Patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety can experience great benefits from an oral sedative. Some of them include:

  • Better for people who don’t like needles
  • You’ll still be conscious
  • You'll remember most of the procedure

Recovering from Oral Conscious Sedation

The effects of an oral sedative can last many hours or even the rest of the day. For this reason, we tell our patients who choose this form of sedation to have a responsible adult drive them home. You’ll also want to avoid intense physical activities until the effects wear off completely.

Below are some of the side effects people may experience in the hours after their treatment:

  • Drowsiness
  • Slow reflexes
  • Headache
  • Feelings of heaviness or sluggishness

Want to Learn More About the Effects of Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral sedation is one of the many options patients can choose if they’re feeling anxious about a dental procedure. It’s easy to take, and it can help get you through your appointment without any worries. Call La Cantera Dental Group today if you have any other questions or if you’d like to schedule an appointment! We have one location on La Cantera Pkwy and another at the Park Oaks Center.

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