Referring Doctor

Referring Doctor

Our staff is trained to treat individuals with disabilities and complex medical conditions, ensuring your patients receive the compassionate and expert care they deserve. We know referring doctors want to help make the best decisions for their patients. Our experience and passion will make you feel confident in entrusting your patients to us.

We understand that patients who are planning major life-saving medical procedures want to begin treatment as soon as possible. For this reason, we prioritize requests for dental assessment and treatment for those planning stuff like heart surgery, cancer treatment, or transplant surgery. These appointments require multiple visits in several months, but we offer an opportunity for patients to get the care they need in fewer visits. This prepares them to move forward safely with urgent medical care.

Several factors negatively impact the oral health of patients with disabilities, making regular care more important. Did you know that only 5% of the nation’s dentists have the additional training to provide appropriate care for disabled patients? Access to quality dentistry is scarce for these individuals, so we make sure to provide exceptional dental care for them.

What is Managed Anesthesia Care?

Managed anesthesia care is available for individuals who need specialized service. We work with qualified anesthesiologists to provide the safest and most comfortable treatment for your patients. It’s designed to keep them in a calm state so they can get through their procedures with ease.

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