Bone Grafts

Bone Grafts

Those who don’t have enough jawbone density for a successful implant treatment may need to turn to bone grafts for some help. This treatment involves replacing the missing bone with a grafting material to encourage regeneration.

Why Do People Need Bone Grafts?

The primary reason a dental professional will recommend a grafting procedure is to restore significant bone loss. When you don’t have enough jawbone, there is nothing to hold your teeth in place. The less support there is, the more likely your teeth will fall out. People with the following concerns are more likely to need a bone graft:

The Process of a Grafting Procedure

Before the bone graft, you will receive anesthesia for pain and anxiety management. Your dentist will create a small incision in your gums and move the tissue back slightly to reveal the jawbone. Next, they’ll place and secure the grafting material on the bone that needs regeneration after thoroughly cleaning the area.

Finally, the dentist will close the incision with stitches and the healing process will begin.

What are the Benefits?

Bone grafts are considered safe and carry minimal risks. Patients who have undergone bone grafting increase their eligibility for restorative treatments, such as dental implants. This procedure also restores your jawbone to full health after certain factors cause deterioration.

Do You Need a Bone Graft?

Are you worried about jawbone loss? La Cantera Dental Group offers bone grafting procedures that can rebuild your jaw and improve the success rate of dental implant treatments. If you have any questions, please contact us to schedule a consultation! We have one office on La Cantera Pkwy and another at the Park Oaks Center.

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