Everything You Need to Know About Night Guards

September 7, 2022

Even though grinding your teeth once in a while shouldn't be a significant problem for your oral health. Frequent grinding can gradually affect your teeth, especially if you have cosmetic or dental devices like veneers or crowns. Fortunately, night guards in San Antonio can protect your teeth against the adverse effects of teeth grinding.  

While the primary causes of bruxism may differ, the consequences are always unpleasant, painful, and harmful. Night guards can provide you with the necessary relief from the damaging effects of grinding. To help you understand night guards, here are some details regarding this dental device that you may find interesting when deciding if they suit you.  

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Facts About Night Guards  

What Is a Night Guard?    

Known as a night guard or mouthguard, this dental device is a thermoplastic or acrylic appliance that covers the teeth and the upper and lower dental arches to provide protection. Night guards are typically used to treat and stop teeth grinding and snoring while you sleep. Additionally, a daytime mouth guard can shield teeth from regular activities like contact sports and other physical activities.  

There are different varieties of dental guards, and each type has its particular characteristics and functions. The three most common mouth guards are stock mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards, and custom-fitted mouth guards. You must visit your dentist for an evaluation to know what kind of dental guard you require.  

Do I Need to Wear Night Guards Every Night?  

Patients can use their night guards every time they go to sleep because teeth grinding is a disorder that is unpredictable in its onset. However, because mouth guards are prone to gather bacteria when worn at night, it’s important to clean them.

When Should I Replace My Night Guard?    

It's crucial to replace your old guards with fresh ones to maintain the course of your treatment. Even though they can work for a long time, night guards have limitations. Here's a guide to assist you in determining if it's time to replace your mouth guards or not:  

  • When it becomes defective  
  • After you undergo a dental procedure that changes your smile  
  • Every six months or twice a year  
  • When it becomes worn out or damaged  

Who Is Qualified to Get Mouth Guards?    

Anyone can technically wear mouth guards. However, this device is usually worn by participants in both contact and non-contact sports to protect their teeth from potential harm. While anybody can wear mouth guards, some dental guards, including nocturnal bite plates, are exclusively permitted for use by bruxism patients.  

Depending on your mouth guard type, the purpose will vary accordingly. If you want to get night guards for your teeth, you'll first need to visit your dentist to get a valid assessment. Remember to ask your dentist before buying any mouth guard for your oral health.  

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Are You Interested in Getting Night Guards in San Antonio?  

If you're suffering from bruxism and other related oral health problems, night guards might be the solution you need. Here at La Cantera Dental, our team can provide you with the required oral device to treat your dental problems. Contact us today to get started on your treatment!

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