How to Deal with Common Dental Crown Problems

September 25, 2023

Dental crowns in San Antonio serve as essential solutions in oral healthcare. They're used to fix a variety of dental issues, from restoring a damaged tooth to providing structural support and even enhance the appearance of your smile. However, like everything in life, dental crowns can encounter issues and challenges along the way.  But here, we're here to guide you through the solutions and steps you can take if you find yourself grappling with any of these concerns.

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Common Dental Crown Problems and Solutions

Crown Discomfort and Sensitivity

Dental crowns can occasionally cause discomfort and sensitivity. This can occur due to various factors, such as the fit of the crown, the type of material used, or even underlying issues like gum recession. Discomfort may range from mild irritation to occasional twinges of pain.

Solution: Your dentist is your ally here. They can assess the cause of the discomfort and recommend appropriate solutions. Often, a simple adjustment to the crown's fit or the application of desensitizing toothpaste or mouthwash can alleviate the discomfort.  

Crown Fractures and Chips

Accidents happen, and dental crowns are not immune to them. A sudden impact, biting down on something exceptionally hard, or even natural wear and tear over time can lead to chipping or cracking of your crown.  

Solution: In the event of a crown fracture or chip, don't delay. Contact your dentist promptly. The sooner you address the issue, the better the chances of a successful repair. Dentists possess the skills and materials to mend the damage and restore your crown.

Crown Looseness

Feeling a slight wobble in your crown can be disconcerting. This can happen due to issues like improper cementation, changes in your tooth structure, or even the natural settling of the crown over time. A loose crown should not be overlooked as it may lead to more significant problems.

Solution: Rest assured, your dentist has the expertise to address this concern. They can either re-cement the loose crown, ensuring a secure fit, or recommend a replacement if necessary.  

Mismatched Crown Color

A crown that doesn't quite match the color of your natural teeth can be a cosmetic concern. This mismatch can occur for various reasons, including differences in material shade or changes in your natural teeth's color over time.

Solution: Your dentist can address the issue by adjusting the crown's color to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth or, if needed, recommend a replacement to achieve a more natural and pleasing appearance.  

Preventing Crown Issues  

Taking proactive steps to care for your dental crown is key to ensuring its longevity and preventing potential problems in the first place. Here are some essential practices to keep your crown in excellent condition:

Oral Hygiene for Crown Care

Regular Dental Check-ups

  • Don't skip your dental appointments. Regular check-ups help catch problems early.
  • Your dentist is your crown's best friend, so keep them in the loop.

Avoiding Harmful Habits

  • Be mindful of these habits to protect your dental investment.

Healthy Diet Choices

  • A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables supports your overall dental health.
  • Remember, what you eat impacts your crown's longevity.
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