Signs That Your Wisdom Tooth Should Be Removed

January 23, 2023

You don't have to endure the pain if your wisdom tooth is the cause. Wisdom teeth removal in San Antonio can help significantly relieve the pain you're feeling. If you're not sure when to get your tooth removed, we've compiled a list of indications that it's time to have your third molar out.  

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How to Determine Whether You Need to Remove Your Wisdom Tooth  

Your Wisdom Tooth Can’t Fit in Your Gums  

If your wisdom tooth isn't causing you problems, you won't need to do anything about it. It can help you chew and masticate food. However, you should get ready for a wisdom tooth extraction if your jaw isn't big enough for your third molar to erupt. If not, it will develop in the wrong direction and may even cause your other teeth to shift out of their proper locations.  

Jaw Aches and Pains  

The structural stability of your jaw is determined by how your teeth develop. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it grows crooked or unnatural, putting pressure on the neighboring teeth. Your jawbone's durability, well-being, and structural integrity will suffer from the impaction.  

You'll consequently feel uncomfortable and rigid in your jaw. The pain worsens when the erupting wisdom teeth press against the nerves and bone. This can cause damage to your healthy teeth and gums, which can cause additional problems for your mouth.  

Sinus Problems  

Your upper set of teeth is not far from your sinuses. Because of this, your sinuses may be impacted by a wisdom tooth that will erupt in your top jaw. As it presses or rubs on your sinuses, problems could result.  

Although many other causes of sinus issues exist, impacted wisdom teeth are frequently to blame. A wisdom teeth extraction surgery may reduce sinus pressure, headaches, and congestion.  

Growing Cysts  

Are there any little sacs of fluids forming around your wisdom teeth that are impacted? Even your mouth may experience pain or discomfort due to these cysts. Do not postpone seeing your dentist until it has negatively impacted your teeth and jaw. You do not want these cysts to develop into benign tumors.  

Poor or Bad Breath  

Even if you practice good oral hygiene habits, your wisdom tooth might be impacted if your breath stinks. Cleaning it can be difficult because it typically appears toward the back of the mouth. The issue worsens if you smoke and consume a lot of sugar.

Infections and Decay  

Cleaning your impacted wisdom tooth, whether totally or partially erupted, won't be simple. This difficult-to-reach area consequently develops susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. The gum tissue surrounding the area turns red, inflamed, and sensitive, in addition to experiencing frequent sore throats and enlarged lymph nodes.  

Occasionally, an infection may even cause pus to flow from your mouth. You should visit the dentist as soon as possible before this discomfort starts to limit your ability to carry out your normal activities.  

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Are You Looking for Wisdom Teeth Removal in San Antonio?    

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