Recent Technologies Transforming the Field of Dentistry

May 2, 2022

For years now, dentistry has evolved considerably by introducing new technologies and techniques that make trips to the dentist more accessible and less painful. Due to these advancements, patients now have plenty of options to help deal with their dental health. The current trend of these new technologies focuses more on comfort and convenience for the patient.  

With the rapid growth of new technological advancements, it’s not uncommon to see new techniques and equipment implemented. While some patients are reluctant to try out these innovations, some are curious enough to test them. If you want to know the new dental technology in San Antonio, here are some of the latest dental technology solutions that dentists use to deliver better care to their patients.  

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Top Innovations in the Dental Professions in Recent Years

3D Printing  

3D printing, while relatively new, already offers a faster and cheaper way to create medical modeling, dental implants, and dental splints. This technology can potentially solve the slow and costly creation of orthodontic devices by significantly cutting the time and cost of making these devices. Until recently, low-cost and high-speed 3D printers are now making rounds in the market and can be used by dental clinics worldwide.  

Other applications for 3D printing in dentistry:  

  • Improves overall patient satisfaction  
  • Reduce total expenses  
  • Evaluate the impact of treatments  
  • Plan specific surgical interventions  

Virtual Reality  

While virtual reality or VR is better known for its gaming application, this type of technology can also be used to deliver better care to patients. This device can be a digital distraction for patients to focus on while going through their dental procedures. Patients who use VR during their operation will experience a significant reduction in perceived pain and increased comfort.

Virtual reality can also be used in the dental profession by allowing the students to practice dental techniques virtually. Professors could also use this device to demonstrate dental models and techniques without relying on actual models.  

Smart Toothbrush  

With the continuing advancement of technology, homes, offices, and other commercial establishments are now filled with smart devices that help them automate simple tasks and track essential data. One recent innovation making its rounds in the market is smart toothbrushes. This device allows its users to monitor their brushing habits and make sure that they brush their teeth correctly.  

This device also provides minigames that are linked to different apps for children. These games are designed to teach children how to brush correctly with the help of fun and educational games.  

Intra-Oral Camera    

Opening your mouth for who knows how long can be both a stressful and uncomfortable feeling. Luckily, this discomfort will soon be a thing of the past. With the help of intra-oral cameras, dentists can now take photos or look inside the patient's mouth using a small camera. This new technology can help lessen patients' stress and discomfort when examining their teeth.  

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