Understanding Dental Anxiety

November 21, 2022

If you're anxious, afraid, or dislike going to the dentist, these might be signs that you have dental anxiety. Because a lot of patients dread the idea of going through dental surgery and other operations, these unwanted fears keep them from getting the care they need. Fortunately, sedation dentistry in San Antonio is one of the most effective treatments for dental anxiety that can help them overcome their phobia of visiting the dentist.    

Here's all the information you need about sedation dentistry and dental anxiety to help you learn more about the relationship between these issues.    

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How Can Sedation Dentistry Help With Anxiety?  

Dental Anxiety: What Is It?  

Patients with dental anxiety experience unease, anxiety, or fear anytime they anticipate going to the dentist. It is essential to distinguish between this and dental phobia, a more severe condition that keeps patients from visiting the dentist. People with dental anxiety will still go to the dentist but will continue feeling unpleasant and anxious when sitting in the dentist's chair.  

Dental Anxiety Symptoms and Signs  

There are many indicators that a patient may be experiencing dental anxiety. While sure signs and symptoms are easy to notice, others can be challenging. To determine whether you have dental anxiety, you need to be aware of the following signs:  

  • Palpitations or sweating  
  • Having nausea when seated in the dental chair  
  • Entering a dental office and feeling uneasy  
  • Hesitant to go to the dentist  
  • Anxiety before a dental appointment    

Dental Anxiety’s Root Causes  

Although the precise origin of dental anxiety is unknown, evidence suggests that psychological and physical factors may contribute. Trauma is one recognized factor in dental anxiety. Stress can also develop due to a negative dental experience in the past. Even if it happened years ago, they would never forget that one unpleasant experience when they went to the dentist.  

How to Control Dental Anxiety  

Before, during, and after a dental appointment, there are several strategies to support patients in managing dental anxiety. It would help if you let your dentist know beforehand that you have dental anxiety as your first move. Speaking with your dentist might help you get over some of your concerns and clarify any issues that may be unclear to you.  

The following are some ways and methods that can help lessen dental phobia:  

  • Playing soothing music  
  • Meditation  
  • Conversing with your dentist while seated  
  • Dental sedation  
  • Breath control drills    

How Dental Sedation Can Reduce Your Anxiety  

Sedation dentistry may be the best choice for treating dental anxiety. Before your dental appointment, you will be given medicine to help you rest and maintain your composure. Depending on your stress level, your dentist may suggest a few different types of sedation.      

Sedation dentistry can assist you in receiving dental care whether you require oral sedation, laughing gas, or IV sedation. This procedure's main objective is to keep you relaxed, yet each level of sedation might have a distinct impact on you. The best forms of sedation for you can be discussed with your dentist.    

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Are You Interested in Sedation Dentistry in San Antonio?  

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