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Wisdom Teeth

During his post dental school General Practice Residency, Dr. Chu focused on learning the most effective techniques for wisdom tooth removal and has been using them ever since.  As a result, our patients have very positive wisdom tooth extraction experiences.

What are wisdom teeth and how do they effect me?

Wisdom teeth, or the third molars, are the final four teeth to erupt through your gums between ages 17 and 25.  Most wisdom teeth need to be removed because they can:

  • be difficult to clean
  • cause pain, infection, and swelling around the tooth
  • crowd and move other teeth which can damage surrounding teeth

Our patients are delighted to have the option of IV sedation for their comfort during the extraction of their wisdom teeth.  For more information on our Comfort Plan Options, click here.

If you are wondering if your wisdom teeth should be removed, please contact our staff to make an appointment.  We are eager to help you!